“Stability and prosperity in the region comes with reforms and integration”

"Stability and prosperity in the region comes with reforms and integration"

Speech by Andrius Kubilius – Euronest Co-President delivered at the Plenary session of the EPP Congress in Zagreb, 20th November 2019


Dear Friends!

On behalf of Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, I would like to congratulate all the Congress and I would like personally to thank Josef Daul. You did so much for Eastern Partnership region.

Euronest is the most important Eastern Partnership political body. Eastern Partnership is for peace, stability and prosperity in the Eastern  neighborhood of EU. Stability and prosperity in the region comes with reforms and integration of those countries. That is the only way how Europe “whole, free and at peace” can be built.

And this  is the most important geopolitical goal for all of us.

EPP was, is and always will be in the political leadership of that process.

It will not be easy. As we know from our experience – Kremlin will oppose, local national oligarchs will oppose, those who are afraid of independent prosecutors will destroy the proEuropean  government of Moldova; those who are afraid of transparent elections in Georgia will shamefully run away from their promise to support introduction of proportional elections.

But we shall prevail. European integration will prevail in Eastern Neighborhood,  despite the resistance of old post-imperial forces.

That is the goal of Eastern Partnership policy, which is celebrating 10 years anniversary. A lot was achieved, but even more needs to be done.

New stage of Eastern Partnership policy is needed. We need to elaborate Policy for next decade. Some ideas are described in the Resolution of   Congress, which I hope will soon be adopted.

On EU side we need a clear differentiation of the policy –  “more for more” and “less for less”. We need to support most advanced countries Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova with the special Strategy, taking into account best experiences from integration process of Western Balkans. And we hope, that other countries from Eastern Partnership region will follow example of most advanced ones.

Next year we shall have two EPP governments  in the Presidencies of EU: it’s Croatia and than Germany. In EURONEST we hope that it will be a good start for next decade of effective Eastern Partnership policy.

Let us fight for success of Eastern Partnership region. It’s needed not only for citizens of that region, is needed for the whole European continent, including Russia. Success of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will have the major impact on possibility of positive transformations in Russia.

Let’s fight for Europe “whole, Free and at Peace”!!!!

Eastern Partnership is the front line of this battle.

And We shall win!!!

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